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Top 6 Benefits of Taking Online Mock Test Series For CA Exams

Preparing for a competitive exam needs total discipline and adherence to a set schedule. Competitive exams, especially CA exams, are getting tougher by the year, so it is best to do all you can to prepare yourself for any challenges that may come your way. This is where online mock test series come in. Online test series are designed specially to make students more prepared and competent to appear in the competitive exams. CA aspirants can highly benefit from online CA test series in all stages of the exam. There are several benefits of mock test series that CA aspirants can benefit from. Some important ones are listed below:

1) Familiarity With Exam Pattern

CA aspirants generally have a lot of queries as to what the patterns of the different stages of the exam are. There are so many levels: CA Foundation, CA Intermediate, CA final and each level has a different pattern of assessment. Online test series help the students in understanding the pattern of the exams by providing them with the exact same structure in the online test series which will be presented to the students in the actual exam.

Students even start understanding the tricky and complicated instructions of solving the paper when they get into the practice of taking these tests on a regular basis. These tests highly help in familiarizing the students with the paper layout so that they don’t get stunned when they see the question paper for the first time.

Also if any new changes are made to the pattern of the exam, these changes are also included in the online test series so that the students get into the practice of following the pattern.

2) Time Management

Another way test series help you in your CA exam preparations are that they help you in managing the time while you solve the paper. While taking the mock tests the students learn how to distribute their time on each question so as to not leave any of the answers blank in the end.

These tests help you in dividing your time between short and long questions and easy and hard questions. This helps you in making sure that you don’t only answer the question but answer it completely and correctly in a limited time frame so that you have time to write the other answers in the same manner as well.

When you have limited time to answer all the questions, then you plan your strategy accordingly and learn new techniques to solve a question faster. Time management is a very important tool for CA aspirants to have in their quiver.

3) Assessment Capability

Taking test series online like CA final test series, helps you in assessing yourself on a regular basis. You can track your developments yourselves and see where you lack and where more effort is needed. This is a very important quality that every CA aspirant must possess and it can be developed through online test series.

Test series offer self-assessment capability as the student no longer has to live in a speculation of what his weaknesses and strengths in a particular subject are, he can take the tests and find out himself. This helps the aspirants in being more prepared than other candidates for the exam. Under the guidance of the best CA faculties, the evaluation part of the mock tests makes things easy and seamless, as the guidance would definitely help out the candidates in assessing their mistakes and excel in the final exam.

These tests gives the student ample of time to assess and rectify the gaps in their preparation for CA exams. These exams help not only in identifying the blunders that the students commit in their exams but they also highlight the rookie mistakes which need to be addressed as well.

4) Develops Spontaneous Answer Formation Ability

The online test series give you a lot of mock tests which will help you feel the difference in your answer writing skills as you progress from one test to another. Not at first, but eventually you will start seeing the difference in your spontaneous answer writing abilities.

Completing these many tests and answering different types of questions in a given time frame makes your writing skills better and faster. This helps you in getting familiar with the concept of how to frame an answer to a given question.

Not only you know how to plan the answer but also you are able to speed up your writing skills. This immensely helps in a competitive exam like CA. Spontaneous answer formation ability really helps a student when he has to answer a question he is not really prepared for or hasn’t given much time.

5) Develops Confidence

Participating in an online test series gives you a lot of practice with time management, your answer writing skills and makes you familiar with the pattern and flow of the exam. When you are familiar with all these things you automatically gain confidence and your test taking ability increases.

Preparing the syllabus for CA exams is really important but gaining confidence makes you fully prepared for the exam. When you take the online test series it serves as a medium of boosting your confidence by telling you how prepared you are for the exams.

This puts you in a positive mindset for not only the preparation of the exams at all levels but also the final tests. It is always necessary to do activities which escalate your confidence level before and during the exams and online test series is one of them.

Apart from the confidence meter, your motivation scale should also be high up during the exam preparation days and near to it.

6) Improved Speed

When you take practice tests and take them regularly it eventually helps by increasing your speed. These tests play an imperative role in improving your speed for the final examinations. They help people with low or average speed to decrease the time they spend on an answer.

As a result, you get to make sure that you don’t miss answering questions because of slow speed. While taking these test series you’ll be able to analyze the whole examination scenario i.e. where you need to increase your speed and what short tricks you need to learn.

When you are confident that your speed is good and you won’t miss any questions it greatly helps in decreasing the exam anxiety levels in the aspirants and building more confidence.

To sign off

By taking online test series, students actually feel the pressure and the experience of taking the real exams and this experience greatly helps when that day arrives. These tests put you in a better mental position to appear for the final exams and make you better prepared for them.

September 25, 2018

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