Q.What are the System Requirements?  

The system should be completely optimized and should be virus free, in case your files gets corrupted due to virus problem FHC will not be responsible for any damage in software.

You can play FHC videos on Laptop or desktops having windows operating system (Windows 7, 8,8.1,10). Your computer should have following minimum configuration –

  • Processor: Dual core 2.0 GHz and Above
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • All audio and video drivers have to be installed.

Q. Can I play the videos on Tablet PC? 

Yes, videos play on any Android Tablet PC

Q. Can I fast forward or rewind the lectures?

Yes, you can fast forward and rewind the lectutes.

Q. Can I install this software on more than one PC?

No, you can watch these lecture only on one system.

Q. If my laptop crashes or is formatted, can I reinstall with same serial keys?

In case of any system failure mail us at support@fhconline.in.

Q. Can I play the videos on my Smart Phone?

Yes, but only Android Smart Phones are supported at the moment. Please check with us by writing us an email if your smart phone is supported.

Q. VLC Player and Windows Media Player?

You cannot run these lectures on VLC and WMP . Lectures can only be played in FHC customized software.

Q. How is the session timer calculated? (New Version)

For each subject ‘Play Time’ will be different. FHC Video Player will auto calculate the Time Length of each video and the maximum play time allowed for the Particular Subject. Play time will be multiple of the Video Length. Time is calculated only on the Length of the video; time is not calculated if video is paused or Seek.

Ex. If Video is for 1 hour and play time is 3 so total play time will be 3 Hours.

FHC Video Player will show the Play Time consumed versus Total Available Play Time per video.

FHC video Player will record playtime in increments of 1 minute of ‘Play Time’. If Student closes the video player within the recording resolution of 1 minute, the fraction of the last one minute of Play Time will not be recorded.
When Playing in fast forward mode, FHC Video Player measures the actual
video time. So if a student played 10 minutes


Q.Can the lecture be viewed directly from pen drive ? 

Yes , you can only view lecture directly from pen drive.

Q. Internet Connection required ? 

No internet connection is required for viewing lectures. However, for registration process, you need to have access to internet

Q. Can I play the videos on my PC, Tablet and Phone – all at the same time? 

If you have bought a subject, you can play it only on any one of the devices you have. If you have bought for PC, and you want to play on your tablet as well, it is possible but you will need to purchase a separate license for your tablet. Please call FHCONLINE sales for further information on fees involved.

Q. How can I resolve my technical problem? 

You can mail us your technical problem along with contact number at support@fhconline.in
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