CA FINAL – Financial Reporting FASTTACK (NEW COURSE) – CA Sumit L. Sarda


Course Brief

  • Faculty: CA Sumit L. Sarda
  • Duration: 90 Hours
  • Study Material: Printed Notes
  • Video Language: Bilingual (English,Hindi)
  • Validity : 8 Months
  • No. of Views: 2 times of total time
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About Course

  • These lectures are applicable to MAY’2019 & NOV’19 Exams.
  • Video Lectures of CA Final Financial Reporting FASTTRACK New Course.
  • A total of 90 hours covering major topics of CA Final Financial Reporting FASTTRACK New Course by CA Sumit L. Sarda Sir.
  • Complete Course material (Video Lectures + Study Material, Lectures recorded in 2018) is included in this package.
  • Amendments if any, will be given via YouTube links.
  • Complete videos + Study & Examination tips videos
  • Be in touch with the faculty through Email, WhatsApp, Phone Call and get your doubts resolved within minutes.

CA Sumit L. Sarda

Chartered Accountant by Profession, CA. Sumit Sarda has been teaching CA Final since 2011. He was a Faculty member also at ICAI Nagpur Chapter for IPCC Cost Accounting & CPT Statistics and also a faculty member for CA CPT Statistics at G.S. College, Nagpur. In the Span of 5yrs. he has taught more than 1500 students.

Educational Qualification- CA.; FIMMDA(NSE) Certificate in IFRS(Deloitte); BBA(Symbiosis International University)

He has diligence and immense ability to learn, relearn and unlearn. In spite of being India’s best faculty and accepted in the whole country, they are still far away from arrogance. They have been playing multiple roles since the time they are teachers. He is teachers, motivators, friends, counsellors, and inspiration for many aspirants. Give students a classroom where they can share their doubts and can receive maximum learning. Make students imbibe all the knowledge given in the class so that they can retain it in the future as well


Index Volume I

  1. Ind AS 103: Business combinations
  2. AS 21 : Consolidation
  3. Ind AS 110: Consolidation
  4. Corporate social responsibility
  5. E-Commerce
  6. Conceptual Framework
  7. Human Resource Reporting
  8. Integrated Reporting
  9. Value added Statement
  10. Guidance Notes

Index Volume II

  1. Ind AS 2: Inventories
  2. Ind AS 16: Property, plant and equipment
  3. Ind AS 17: Leases
  4. Ind AS 19: Employee Benefits
  5. Ind AS 23: Borrowing cost
  6. Ind AS 36: Impairment of Assets
  7. Ina AS 37: Provisions, Contingent liabilities and Contingent Assets
  8. Ind AS 38: Intangible Assets
  9. Ind AS 40: Investment Property
  10. Ind AS 105: Noncurrent assets held for sale and discontinued operations
  11. AS 15: Employee Benefits
  12. AS 28: Impairment of Assets
  13. Ind AS 32, 107, 109: Financial Instruments
  14. Hedging


Index Volume III

  1. Ind AS 1: Presentation of financial statements
  2. Ind AS 7: Statement of cash flows
  3. Ind AS 8: Accounting Policies, change in accounting estimates and errors
  4. Ind AS 10: Events after the Reporting Period
  5. Ind AS 11: Construction Contracts
  6. Ind AS 12: Income Taxes
  7. Ind AS 18: Revenue Recognition
  8. Ind AS 20: Accounting for government grants
  9. Ind AS 21: Effect of changes in foreign exchange rates
  10. Ind AS 24: Related Party Disclosures
  11. Ind AS 33: Earnings per share
  12. Ind AS 34: Interim Financial Reporting
  13. Ind AS 41: Agriculture
  14. Ind AS 101: First time adoption of Ind AS
  15. Ind AS 102: Share Based Payments
  16. Ind AS 104: Insurance Contracts
  17. Ind AS 106: Exploration and evaluation of mineral resources
  18. Ind AS 108: Operating Segments
  19. Ind AS 113: Fair value measurement
  20. Ind AS 114: Regulatory Deferral Accounts
  21. AS 25: Interim Financial Reporting

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