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CA FINAL – DIRECT TAX – REGULAR – NOV ’18 – (CA Farooq Haque)

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  • Faculty:CA Farooq Haque
  • Printed Notes
  • Duration: 215 Hours
  • Validity : 12 Months (4 times each video with unlimited count)
  • Downloadable – Rs. 12,000/- Rs 9,000/-
  • USB – Rs. 13,000/- Rs 9,750/-
  • *inclusive of all tax
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About Course

  • Applicable to NOV’ 2018 Exams
  • Amended by Finance Act, 2017.
  • Specially recorded in High Definition in a Hi-tech Studio having best video and sound clarity.
  • Use of most lucid language .
  • Numerous practical problems.
  • Most student friendly approach
  • Discussion of all the complications and interpretations.
  • In-depth understanding of the topics.


CA Farooq Haque is one of the renowned CA instructors of our country with a par-excellence teaching experience of over 20 years. He has tutored more than 50,000 students, including 300+ AIRs (46 AIRs in Nov’17 & May’18) with his fortay in teaching Direct Tax, Indirect Tax and Law since 1998.

Being a frontrunner in obliterating the age-old style of classroom coaching and replacing it with the pendrive/USB concept of online classes, CA Farooq Haque’s contribution in the field of CA, CS & CMA courses has been truely awe-spiring.

Among his many innate talents, CA Farooq Haque is a master motivational speaker in true sense. Being a researcher in Neuro-Science and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, he has developed various motivational tools and techniques to not only boost his students’ learning process in order to crack the toughest of exams with flying colours, but also prosper in their professional ventures.


01. Basics
Lecture 101_for_May_18
Lecture 202_for_May_18
Lecture 303_for_May_18
Lecture 404_for_May_18
Lecture 505_for_may_18
Lecture 606_for_May_18
Lecture 707_for_May_18
Lecture 808_for_May_18
Lecture 909_for_May_18
Lecture 1010_for_May_18
Lecture 1111_for_May_18
Lecture 1212_for_May_18
Lecture 1313_for_May_18
Lecture 1414_for_May_18
Lecture 1515_for_May_18
Lecture 1616_for_May_18
 02. Residential Status
Lecture 101_Residential_Status_part_1
Lecture 202_Residential_Status_part_2
 03. Incidence of Tax
Lecture 101_Incidence_of_Tax_part_1
Lecture 202_Incidence_of_Tax_part_2
Lecture 303_Incidence_of_Tax_part_3
Lecture 404_Incidence_of_tax_Problems
 04. Incomes Exempt from Tax
Lecture 101_Sec_10(1)_Agriculture_Income
Lecture 202_Segregation_of_Composite_income
Lecture 303_Sec_10(2)_to_10(10D)
Lecture 404_Se4c_10(11)_to_10(26AAA)
Lecture 505_Sec_10(26AAB)_to_10(50)
Lecture 606_Sec_10AA
Lecture 707_Sec_11_part_1
Lecture 808_Sec_11_part_2
Lecture 909_Sec_11_part_3_to_end
 05. Income under the head Salary
Lecture 101_Introduction
Lecture 202_Basis_of_Charge
Lecture 303_Definitions
Lecture 404_House_Rent_Allowance
Lecture 505_Other_Allowances
Lecture 606_Definition_od_Perquisite
Lecture 707_Valuation_of_Accommodation_theory
Lecture 808_Valuation_of_Accomodation_Problems
Lecture 909_Motor_car_perquisite
Lecture 1010_Other_Perquisites_part_1
Lecture 1111_Other_Perquisites_part_2
Lecture 1212_Pension
Lecture 1313_Gratuity
Lecture 1414_Leave_Salary,_Retrenchment_and_VRS_compensation
Lecture 1515_Provident_Fund_and_Deductions
Lecture 1616_Problems
 06. Income under the head House Property
Lecture 101_Introduction_Part_1
Lecture 202_Introduction_Part_2
Lecture 303_Gross_Annual_Value
Lecture 404_Deductions
Lecture 505_Miscellaneous
Lecture 606_Problems
 07. PGBP
Lecture 101_Sec_28_for_May_18
Lecture 202_Sec_30_and_31
Lecture 303_Sec_32_Part_1_for_May_18
Lecture 404_Sec_32_Part_2_for_May_18
Lecture 505_Sec_32_part_3
Lecture 606_Sec_32_Part_4_for_May_18
Lecture 707_Sec_32_part_5_for_May_18
Lecture 808_Sec_32AD_for_May_18
Lecture 909_Sec_33AB_and_33ABA
Lecture 1010_Sec_35_for_May_18
Lecture 1111_Sec_35ABA_and_35_ABB
Lecture 1212_Sec_35AD_for_May_18
Lecture 1313_Sec_35CCC_and_35CCD
Lecture 1414_Sec_35D,_35DD_and_35DDA_etc
Lecture 1515_Sec_35E
Lecture 1616_Sec_36_part_1_for_May_18
Lecture 1717_Sec_36_part_2_for_May_18
Lecture 1818_Sec_37(1)
Lecture 1919_Sec_40(a)_part_1_for_May_18
Lecture 2020_Sec_40(a)_part_2_for_may_17
Lecture 2121_Sec_40(b)_and_(ba)
Lecture 2222_Sec_40A(2)_for_May_18
Lecture 2323_Sec_40A(3),_(7)_and_(9)
Lecture 2424_Sec_43B_for_May_18
Lecture 2525_Sec_41_for_May_18
Lecture 2626_Sec_43A_for_May_18
Lecture 2727_Sec_43C
Lecture 2828_Sec_43CA_for_May_18
Lecture 2929_Sec_43D_and_44A
Lecture 3030_Sec_44AA_and_44AB_for_may_18
Lecture 3131_Sec_44AD,_44ADA_and_44AE_for_May_18
Lecture 3232_Sec_44B_to_44BBB
Lecture 3333_Sec_44C_and_44DA
Lecture 3434_Rule_8D
Lecture 3535_ICDS_1_and_2
Lecture 3636_ICDS_3_and_4
Lecture 3737_ICDS_5,_6_and_7
Lecture 3838_ICDS_8,_9_and_10
08. Capital Gains
Lecture 101. Sec 45(1) and 2(14)
Lecture 202. Sec 2(47)
Lecture 303. Sec 48 50C 50CA and 50D
Lecture 404. Sec 55
Lecture 505. Sec 45(1A) to 45(4)
Lecture 606. Sec 45(5)
Lecture 707. Sec 45(5A) and 45(2A)
Lecture 808. Sec 46A etc
Lecture 909. Sec 50B and 51
Lecture 1010. Sec 48 1st and 4th proviso etc
Lecture 1111. Sec 46
Lecture 1212. Sec 47 Part 1
Lecture 1313. Sec 47 part 2
Lecture 1414. Sec 47 part 3
Lecture 1515. Sec 94(7) and (8)
Lecture 1616. Sec 54
Lecture 1717. Sec 54B to 54EC
Lecture 1818. Sec 54EE and 54F
Lecture 1919. Sec 54G to 55A
 09. Income from Othert Sources
Lecture 101. Sec 56 part 1
Lecture 202. Sec 56 part 2
Lecture 303. Sec 56 part 3
Lecture 404. Sec 57, 58 and 59
 10. Clubbing of Income
Lecture 101. Sec 60 and 61
Lecture 202. Sec 64(1) and 64(1A)
Lecture 303. Sec 64(2) and 65
Lecture 404. Problems
 11. Set off and carry forward of losses
Lecture 101. Undisclosed Incomes sec 68 to 69D
Lecture 202. Sec 70 and 71
Lecture 303. Sec 72 to 74A
Lecture 404. Sec 78, 79 and 80
Lecture 505. Problems
 12. Chapter VI-A Deductions
Lecture 101. Sec 80A to 80AC
Lecture 202. Sec 80C
Lecture 303. Sec 80CCC to 80CCE
Lecture 404. Sec 80CCG to 80DDB
Lecture 505. Sec 80E to 80 GGC
Lecture 606. Sec 80IA and 80IAB
Lecture 707. Sec 80IAC to 80IE
Lecture 808. Sec 80JJA to 80LA
Lecture 909. Sec 80QQB to 80TTA
Lecture 1010. Problems
 13. Rebate and Relief of tax
 Rebate and Relief of Tax
 14. Special Rates of tax
 Special Rates of Tax
 15. Assessment of Companies
Lecture 101. Sec 115JB part 1
Lecture 202. Sec 115JB part 2
Lecture 303. Sec 115JAA etc
Lecture 404. Tax on Distribution of Income
Lecture 505. Business Trusts
Lecture 606. Alternate Investment Funds
Lecture 707. Securitisation Trusts
Lecture 808. Tax on Accretion to Assets of Trusts
 16. Assessment of Firms and AMT
Lecture 1Assessment of Firms and AMT
 17. Assessment of Trusts
Lecture 1Assessment of Trusts and Representative Assessees
 18. Assessment of AOP
Lecture 101. Sec 167B etc
Lecture 202. Problems
 19. Assessment of LR, HUF and Cooperative Societies
 01. Assessment of LR, Executor and Succession in Business
 02. Assessment of Co-Operative Society
 03. Assessment in same PY
 20. Assessment Procedure
Lecture 101. Sec 139
Lecture 202. Sec 139A to 140A
Lecture 303. Sec 142
Lecture 404. Sec 142A
Lecture 505. Sec 143
Lecture 606. Sec 144 to 145A
Lecture 707. Sec 147 to 152
Lecture 808. Case Laws and Problems on Sec 147
Lecture 909. Sec 153
Lecture 1010. Sec 150, 153, 158A and 158AA
Lecture 1111. Sec 153A to 153D
Lecture 1212. Sec 154 to end
21. Appeals and Revision
Lecture 101. Appeals and revision part 1
Lecture 202. Appeals and Revision Part 2
22. Settlement Commision and Adv Ruling
Lecture 101. Settlement Commission
Lecture 202. Advance Ruling
23. TDS and TCS
Lecture 101. Sec 192 and 192A
Lecture 202. Sec 193 to 194C
Lecture 303. Sec 194D to 200
Lecture 404. Sec 200A to end
Lecture 505. TCS
24. Advance tax and Interest
Lecture 101. Advance Tax
Lecture 202. Interest 234A to 234F
25. Refunds and Interest
Lecture 1Refund and Interest
26. Penalties and prosecution
Lecture 101. Penalty part 1
Lecture 202. Penalty part 2
27. Authorities Search and Survey
Lecture 1Authorities Search and Seizure
28. Tonnage Tax
Lecture 1Tonnage Tax Scheme
29. Miscellaneous
Lecture 1Miscellaneous



  • Introduction
  • What is transfer pricing?
  • Meaning of the term “Arm’s Length Principle”
  • Significance of Arm’s Length Principle.
  • Practical difficulties in application of ALP
  • Evolution of transfer pricing in India
  • Computation of income from transaction with non-resident.
  • Associated Enterprises.
  • International transaction.
  • Specified Domestic Transactions.
  • Computation of Arm’s Length Price.
  • Functions, Assets and Risk (FAR) Analysis.
  • Concept of comparability adjustments.
  • Documentations and compliances.
  • Specific reporting requirements– Country by Country reporting.
  • Transfer pricing assessment.
  • Transfer of income to non-residents.
  • Introduction of specific anti avoidance measures in respect of transactions with persons located in notified  jurisdictional area
  • Limitation of interest deduction in certain cases



  • Introduction.
  • Important definitions.
  • Charge of Income tax.
  • Residential status and scope of total income.
  • Exempt income of non-residents.
  • Presumptive taxation for non-residents.
  • Capital gains taxation for non-residents.
  • Special provisions prescribed under Chapter XII-A.
  • Determination of tax in certain special cases [Chapter XII].
  • Applicability of MAT on foreign companies.
  • Special provisions to conversion of Indian branch of a foreign bank into a  subsidiary company  [Chapter XII-BB].
  • Withholding tax provisions for non-residents.
  • Miscellaneous provisions.



  • Concept of Double Taxation Relief.
  • Types of Relief.
  • Double Taxation Relief provisions under the Income-tax Act, 1961.
  • Concept of Permanent Establishment.
  • Taxing Foreign Income.
  • Taxation of Business Process Outsourcing  Units in India.



  • Introduction
  • Definitions
  • Authority for Advance Rulings
  • Qualifications, terms and conditions of service of Chairman,Vice-chairman and members.
  • Vacancies, etc., not  to invalidate proceedings
  • Application for advance ruling.
  • Procedure on receipt of application.
  • Applicability of Advance Ruling.
  • Advance Ruling to be void in certain circumstances
  • Powers of the Authority
  • Procedure of Authority.

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