FHC Referral Policy

Refer your friends to FHCOnline.in and both you and your friend can save on your next order.

Referrer – The person who refers a friend to FHCOnline.in
Referred friend – The person who is referred by a referrer.

1) Any existing user on FHC website can refer any number of friends to buy from FHCOnline.in website.

2) Each user will be provided with a unique link , which he can email to as many friends as he wants. Referring user will also be provided with suggest email content along with the link.

3) To get your referral email and link, login to your account and click on the ‘Refer a friend banner’.
Every new user you refer to FHC Online will be given 250 points in his account immediately on registering. He can use those points within the expiry period (of 3 years) to purchase products from FHCOnline.in

4) Every new friend you refer to FHCOnline.in who registers after clicking on your referral link and buys a product after clicking on the referral link

  • Will get Rs.250/- off on his order
  • You the referrer will be given 250 points in your account, which can be used by you on any purchase within 3 yrs.

5) If a friend clicks on multiple referral links in emails from multiple friends, then the last referral link click will be get referral points.

6) One referral link can be used only once by a referred friend.

7) Referring user will get points in his account after order placed by refereed friend is marked as complete either by the system or by FHCOnline.in ShopManager.

8) Use of referral points by referrer –  the referrer can claim discount on further purchases from FHConline.in upto the least of the following.

  • Total points @ credit of referrer or
  • 50% of cart value

9) Expiry period of points : 3 years from the date points accrued to the users account. Differing accruals of points will mean differing expiry.

Cash back of referral points:

  1. Users who have referral points in their accounts can cash out points before expiry date.
  2. Cash back will be 50% of the number of points being encashed by the user. For e.g. if a user has 500 points in his account, the maximum cash back he can get will be Rs 250/
  3. Cash back is not available for initial points received when a referred user registers for a new account. Cash back in only available for referral points received by a referring user.
  4. Cash back will be subject to ShopManager’s approval from backend.
  5. User can encash any number of points upto the accumulated number of points at the time of encashment. (No pending points etc will be considered).
  6. FHCOnline.in will send a cheque to the user. For this, please be sure to enter name on which cheque should be made and the mailing address in the cash back area. (Cash back area will be enabled when you have points in your account, otherwise it will be disabled).


  1. Referral points will not be awarded or if awarded, will be removed from users accounts if abusive activity is detected.
  2. Decision of the FHCOnline.in Shop Manager, regarding referral points and cash back will be final.
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