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5 Motivational Tips for CA Students to Build Confidence

Preparing for a competitive examination like Chartered Accountancy can take its toll on the students. During the crucial preparation time, it’s as imperative to be motivated in order to study hard and have a disciplined approach every single day as to have good study materials provided by renowned CA faculties. Self-motivation can really help boost the confidence of the student appearing for the competitive exam.

When you are motivated, even the difficult things become easy to accomplish. Being inspired or motivated doesn’t mean being pressured by others into pursuing a thing, but realizing it on your own how enthusiastic you are regarding the task at hand. If you are inspired enough for preparing for CA, then characteristics like focus, right-direction, self-satisfaction, time management and organization automatically start yielding value for you. These aspects push you to take the most important decisions for your CA preparation such as choosing whether to go for physical classes or to study at home via pen drives at your convenience, choosing the most accomplished CA faculties in accordance to the subjects, a complete study plan to crack the exam etc. Apart from these, it can also help you in building confidence, which is a crucial part of any kind of preparation.

For Chartered Accountant exams, there are some techniques which can help you increase your inspiration for the same. Here are some CA motivation tips will help you in all the levels of the CA exam- CPT, IPC, final and IPCC.

1) Have a positive mental attitude

“A positive mental attitude is the starting point of all riches, whether they be riches of a material nature or intangible riches.” These word by Napoleon Hill may help students to put things into perspective and help motivate themselves.

Building a positive mental attitude is not only about thinking positively about the preparation and the results but it also means avoiding negative presupposition during your studies. You have to avoid fear and come out of fear if you feel it. This will in turn help build positive presupposition.

Being in fear will only make your plan of study less productive and will make your subjects even more complicated and fearful. To keep a positive mental attitude, avoiding fear is a must, and this means not to be fearful about either the preparation process neither the final series of tests.

2) Break it down

Breaking the syllabus down is one of the other important things in motivation for CA final students or CA IPCC students. You have to work in small steps rather than taking upon the whole syllabus together and being burdened by it.

Breaking down the syllabus into small parts helps as it sets out small deadlines and clear goals. This in turn helps in breaking the whole syllabus of CA, which is very extensive, into small parts and finishing these tasks helps in building confidence in students.

This also somewhat makes the syllabus of CA easier to finish and learn. Completing the syllabus fast will lead to students making a lot of mistakes and missing out a lot of things. Doing things in a calm, organized way is better than doing them in a hurry and ending up making mistakes.

3) Do what works best for you

When it comes to studying, everybody has a different way of easing themselves into the subject and understanding it. It is essential that you do choose the technique that makes you comfortable with the subject and makes it enjoyable.

Some people find studying alone more comfortable while some people find group studies better. You can choose any way of studying till you find it comfortable and productive. When you know which type of approach works best for you, make sure to configure the environment accordingly. So if group study is your forte then you can arrange for a schedule and venue to gather to study together.

Apart from choosing the best technique, it is also vital that you choose the best time to study. A good time will be when you can study with total concentration and don’t get distracted during your studies.

4) Take a break and reward yourself

It is really essential that the student doesn’t get burdened by the load of studying. This makes it important to take a break once in a while. Every time you feel that’s “it’s just a bit too much now”, just take a break and do something else.

Studying for CA exams doesn’t mean that you have to entirely leave your hobbies behind. You have to make time for the things you enjoy doing while also focusing on the exams.

Studying 24 hours a day won’t get you the desired results and will end up making you unproductive and frustrated. Although qualifying CA requires hard work, it is important that you factor in the things that give you the essential break.

5) Develop a strong will power

You have to create a strong will power for studying for CA exams, no matter what it takes. You have to persistent about the fact that you want to clear all the stages of the CA examinations with good marks.

Decide how much you want to score in the examination and prepare accordingly. You have to give yourself clear and precise intention. Being clear and precise does not mean deciding that you want to pass the CA examination, but it means setting up a goal to finish a part of the syllabus within a given time frame.

The task you have allotted to yourself has to be analyzed properly by you and has to be completed on time. You have to plan out a strategy and a plan to finish the syllabus by dividing it into goals that you have to achieve.

To wrap up

Preparing for the CA examination is not easy, but a strong will and discipline in studies can help you sail through. These pointers will add impetus and motivation for CA students and give them guidance on scoring well in this competitive exam.

Apart from focusing on the above CA motivation tips and watching CA motivation videos, one of the final motivation tips for CA, that couldn’t be stressed enough is to take care of your health. This is the thing most of the students ignore while preparing for CA. Not only you have to prepare for the exams keeping in mind the motivational tips mentioned above but you have to regularly ensure that your emotional or physical health don’t get effected.

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