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11 Concerning Reasons Why CA Students Fail To Clear the Exam

Competitive exams like Chartered Accountant (CA) really need some hard work and dedication to qualify. Thousands of aspirants try their luck every year to clear this prestigious exam. First of all, congratulations to those who managed to clear it this time. Those who have not, need to take cognizance of the fact that it is not the end of the road. Don’t lose heart yet. You have a long way to go and need to sit back and think of all the reasons why you missed the opportunity this time. Just remember that it is only after you tasted the sour taste of failure that you are going to crave and ultimately get the sweet taste of success. Here, we have accumulated 11 reasons that usually lead to the failure in passing your CA examination this time and effective solutions to remedy them.

1) Improper planning and lack of time management skills

Time is the key to success. Students often feel that they will complete the complete course two or three months before the exam. Well, let us tell you that it is never going to be enough. Without any planning and proper management of your study time, you are not going to move up the ladder. It is plain and simple! You cannot simply start reading the first chapter of your textbook three months before the exam.

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure.”

Prepare a proper plan first; list the important topics, watch CA video lectures and jot down the key milestones. Once you have a plan ready in front of you, simply follow it on an everyday basis to get a strong grip over the key concepts.

2) Wasting all the valuable time in preparing just the time table

Since you are planning to crack this competitive examination, mere thinking and planning will not really work. Proper execution of your time is what will result in a positive outcome. Many students spend most of their crucial study time in pondering over making a timetable and eventually wasting all of it.

“It’s that preparation that goes into each week. Trust your training, trust your teacher and trust yourself.”

As you have a complete one year before the next exam, break the time into three sections. Study from July to November for Group 1, December to February for Group 2 and keep March and April for revision and mock tests. Take a break of 15 minutes after finishing every paper for about 45 minutes to 1 hour, eat your meals properly in between, and make some time to do some self-study as well.

3) Cluttering your study material

Stop wandering around everywhere to find all the materials related to clearing out CA exams. When we start preparing for the CA exam, we tend to get confused about what to study and what not. Relax; there is a simple solution to this grave problem.

“FOCUS = Follow On Course Until Successful”

Just concentrate on the study material provided by ICAI, practice manuals, RTPs, and MTPs first. These are the first few steps of the ladder. Get your basics right. Then, study and practice the study material provided by your coaching lecturer and brush your knowledge by watching CA final video lectures. You can also watch CA final online classes to gain more clarity once you get your basics right.

4) Confusion related to attempting single or both groups in exam

It all depends on your preparation. Do not rush or get confused. It also depends on how well you manage time to negotiate attempts to both groups at the same time. Lot of students fail to decide whether to attempt one or both groups at the same time.

“We must succeed and finish our course with joy”

Just believe in your own capacity and do not go after what your friends and family say. You are the best judge here. Just decide on what case would prove to be the best one for you after considering all the challenges and make your choice accordingly.

5) Unable to present your answers

Research on a number of successful students that have easily passed the ICAI examinations suggest that most of the students score better than other because of polished presentation skills.

“Improvement is achieved by the ripple effect of a few simple changes in approach, attitude, or habit.”

Even if your concepts are crystal clear, it is crucial that you should be able to present them in a crystal clear manner. This has been observed to be one of the main reasons for failure in CA exams. Start brushing up your presentation skills as well to come out as an ultimate winner.

6) Improper analysis of mistakes

Just do not follow any teacher or lecture blindly. Here, we are not asking you to abandon classroom study completely. But, it is crucial that you sit and understand the current pattern of the examination and assess the various areas where you lacked and failed in the exam.

“Correction is the tool for creating better from worse. Make the best use of it!”

Even if you have studied hard for the exam and couldn’t conceive of the structure of the exam carefully, it was a lost cause for you. Analyze your mistakes now and study well according to the prevailing pattern of the examination.

7) Practicing without following the right approach

Don’t take your practice sessions lightly.

“Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice.”

No matter how much you have studied, mugged up, learned and understood if there is no practice involved at the end, your preparation is doomed to fail. Try to inherit the practice of writing the complete answers in a proper format in your notebook and do not, in any case, take it lightly. A smooth practice leads to a smooth result in the end.

8) More listening and less studying

What is required ultimately for a CA aspirant is to convert all the guidance and lecture into practice and get a positive result. Buckets of motivation received from your parents, teachers, and friends would not be enough if you haven’t implemented this guidance into action.

“Study hard, achieve hard.”

Don’t just restrict yourself to hearing about all the good things that will happen once you will clear your CA exam. Focus on trying to learn and understand what is required to crack the exam to get the ultimate success.

9) No revision prior to the examination

Without doing a proper revision prior to entering the exam hall, just know that you are bound to fail. When you study everything turn by turn, you tend to forget some things in the process.

“You don’t have to look back and know you could’ve done better.”

Revising the chapters, again and again, using a series of FHC mock tests entrench them in your memory for a very long time that enables you to write the answers easily in the exam hall.

10) Leaving the theory portion of practical papers

Many students undervalue the importance of theory part in the practical paper of CA examination. How will you be able to understand the practical concepts and write them without having proper knowledge of its theory section? Prepare notes while practicing for your paper to get ready to face any undesired difficulties.

“Strategic Planning is worthless – unless there is first a strategic vision.”

11) Let go of the tension and depression

Facing failure in life can only slow your speed, but it cannot stop you from ultimately reaching your goal. A failure once boosts you to put a better effort towards cracking the exam. Do not get weakened after you failed in your examination. Properly contemplate all the areas where you lacked this time and find way to enhance your level of confidence. Come up with a better strategy and invest more time in brushing up your concepts. Remember, success only comes to those who make an effort to achieve it with full force.

“Stop blaming situations and problems. Take charge, usher in a new dawn!”

Just remember that with the right balance of time, dedication and efforts, you can transcend the most stringent boundaries. Pay enough time to contemplate to where you lacked this time, make a list of places where mistakes happened start with the preparations again with the positive approach and you would see a great score yourself!

December 11, 2018

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