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Course Brief

  • Faculty:CA Farooq Haque
  • Duration:151 Hours
  • Validity : 12 Months (5 times each video with unlimited count)
  • Printed Notes
  • Cost For DVD: Rs.12000/- Rs.  
  • Cost For USB: Rs.13000 /-  Rs.
  • *Price inclusive of all tax.


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Product Description

About Course

  • Applicable to NOV 2017 Exams
  • Amended by Finance Act, 2016.
  • Specially recorded in High Definition in a Hi-tech Studio having best video and sound clarity.
  • Use of most lucid language .
  • Numerous practical problems.
  • Most student friendly approach
  • Discussion of all the complications and interpretations.
  • In-depth understanding of the topics.



CA Farooq Haque

Teaching is an art and it came very naturally to him. He started teaching his classmates while pursuing charted accountancy course. He established Farooq Haque Classes, in the year 1998, with the sole purpose of revolutionizing the way CA,CS and CMA course is taught. Since then he has taught more than 32,500 + students and the most complicated subjects of Direct Taxes, Indirect taxes and Business and corporate laws.
Moreover, he has guided many students in preparing papers for conferences, elocutions and quiz competitions. In last 17 years his students have not only excelled in their examinations (Highest being 1st All India Rank in CA-Final), but also in their professional lives. Large numbers of his students are placed in top managerial positions in Indian and Multinational companies across the globe.


Course Syllabus

Lecture 1  01_Overview_of_Excise_Duty
Lecture 2 02_Introduction_part_1
Lecture 3 03_Introduction_part_2
Lecture 4 04_Introduction_part_3
Lecture 5 05_Introduction_part_4
Lecture 6 06_Introduction_part_5
Lecture 7 7_Introduction_part_6
Lecture 8 8_Introduction_part_7
Lecture 9 09_Case_laws
Lecture 10  10_Classification_Part_1
Lecture 11 11_Classification_part_2
Lecture 12 2_Case_laws_on_Classification
Lecture 13 13_Modes_of_charging_duty_part_1
Lecture 14 14_Modes_of_charging_duty_part_2
Lecture 15 5_Transaction_Value_part_1
Lecture 16 16_Transaction_Value_part_2
Lecture 17 17_Transaction_Value_part_3
Lecture 18 8_Excise_Valuation_Rules_part_1
Lecture 19 19_Excise_Valuation_Rule_ part_2
Lecture 20 20_Practical_Problems_on_Valuation
Lecture 21 21_Case_laws_on_Valuation
Lecture 22 22_Central_Excise_Rules_part_1
Lecture 23 3_Central_Excise_Rules_part_2
Lecture 24 24_Central_Excise_Rules_part_3
Lecture 25 25_Central_excise_Rules_part_4
Lecture 26 26_Central_Excise_Rules_part_5
Lecture 27 27_CCR_part_1
Lecture 28 28_CCR_part_2
Lecture 29 29_CCR_part_3
Lecture 30 30_CCR_part_4
Lecture 31 31_CCR_part_5
Lecture 32 32_CCR_part_6
Lecture 33 33_CCR_part_7
Lecture 34 34_CCR_part_8
Lecture 35 35_CCR_part_9
Lecture 36 36_Past_exam_questions_on_CCR
Lecture 37 37_Case_Laws_of_Cenvat
Lecture 38 38_AUDIT
Lecture 39 39_SSI_Exemption
Lecture 1 ST_01_Introduction
Lecture 2 ST_02_Basic_Provisions
Lecture 3 ST_03_Person_and_Consideration
Lecture 4 ST_04_SBC_and_KKC
Lecture 5 ST_05_Declared_Services
Lecture 6 ST_06_Negative_list_part_1
Lecture 7 ST_07_Negative_List_part_2
Lecture 8 ST_08_Questions_of_Negative_list
Lecture 9 ST_09_Mega_Exemption_part_1
Lecture 10 ST_10_Mega_Exemption_part_2
Lecture 11 ST_11_Mega_Exemption_part_3
Lecture 12 ST_12_Mega_Exemption_part_4
Lecture 13 ST_13_Mega_Exemption_part_5
Lecture 14 ST_14_Mega_Exemption_part_6
Lecture 15 ST_15_Mega_Exemption_part_7
Lecture 16 ST_16_Abatements
Lecture 17 ST_17_Practice_Questions
Lecture 18 ST_18_Important_Circulars
Lecture 19 ST_19_POPS_part_1
Lecture 20 ST_20_POPS_part_2
Lecture 21 ST_21_Principles_of_Interpretation
Lecture 22 ST_22_Valuation_part_1
Lecture 23 ST_23_Valuation_part_2
Lecture 24 ST_24_POT_part_1
Lecture 25 ST_25_POT_part_2
Lecture 26 ST_26_POT_part_3
Lecture 27 ST_27_Payment_of_tax_on_Reverse_charge
Lecture 28 ST_28_Payment_of_tax_and_composition_Schemes
Lecture 29 ST_29_Registration_Returns_Special_Audit_etc
Lecture 30 ST_30_Penalties_and_Prosecution
Lecture 31 ST_31_Service_Tax_Rules
Lecture 32 ST_32_Charts_and_Problems_part_1
Lecture 33 ST_33_Charts_and_Problems_part_2
Lecture 34 ST_34_Charts_and_Problems_part_3
Lecture 35 ST_35_Charts_and_Problems_part_4
Lecture 1 01. Introduction to Customs
Lecture 2 02. Additional duty of customs
Lecture 3 03. SAD to Safeguard duty
Lecture 4 04. CVD on subsidy and Anti Dumping Duty
Lecture 5 05. Definitions
Lecture 6 06. Officers of customs etc
Lecture 1 07. Levy and Assessment of duty
Lecture 2 08. Provisional duty and articles in set
Lecture 3 09. Reimportation of goods
Lecture 4 10. Remmission and refund of duty
Lecture 5 11. Valuation part 1
Lecture 6 12. Valuation part 2
Lecture 7 13. Valuation part 3
Lecture 8 14. Valuation of Export goods and Practice questions
Lecture 9 15. Import Export Procedure part 1
Lecture 10 16. Import Export procedure part 2
Lecture 11 17. Export Procedure under Excise
Lecture 12 18. Customs Import at concessional rate Rules 2016
Lecture 13 19. Transit and Transhipment of goods
Lecture 14 20. Warehousing of Goods
Lecture 15 21. Duty Drawback
Lecture 16 22. Baggage
Lecture 17 23. Postal Goods, Stores and Coastal goods
Lecture 18 24. Baggage Rules 2016
Lecture 19 25. Penalties and prosecution
Lecture 20 26. FTP 2015 Part 1
Lecture 21 27. FTP 2015 Part 2
Common Topics
Lecture 1 01. Common topics part 1
Lecture 2 02. Common topics part 2
Lecture 3 03. Common Topics part 3

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13 reviews 4.62 out of 5 stars
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13 reviews for CA FINAL – INDIRECT TAX – REGULAR – NOV’ 17

  1. ndivyabhansali@gmail.com
    2 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Satisfactory The videos are clubbed from various recorded lectures. No continuity. And regarding customs, the content was not updated. In every lecture, he says "bond should be twice the amount" which is registered in my brain and when the lectures are almost gonna finish, in one lecture he says "it's thrice the amount. Everywhere it's given as twice and it is wrong". Why was customs part not updated? was very disappointed.

  2. ripple_thakkar@yahoo.com
    5 out of 5

    Awesome Keep it up! Teaching style is excellent.

  3. achandak303@gmail.com
    5 out of 5

    Precise and to the point!! Amazing teaching style!!!...Precise and exam oriented lecture covering all the topics. The background and logic explained by Sir for each and every topic makes the lectures very interesting and easy to retain. Very helpful in revising the concepts in very short span of time.

  4. anjaligrover7@gmail.com
    5 out of 5

    Awsome Teaching Skills The Best Teacher i know till now.

  5. viswatejmanepalli@gmail.com
    5 out of 5

    BEST LECTURER , excellent explanations and concise materials. No one can touch him in teaching BOTH DT & IDT.

  6. sudarshan.chintapatla@gmail.com
    5 out of 5

    Best Classes for Taxes.. Qayamat ki raat yehi hai poori baat.. Excellent Classes. Concise Notes Handy Own Charts.. Layman Explanation as well as breaking the complex issues into manageable issues.. Important areas marking for exams.. All these things ultimately help a day before the exam... farooq sir has succeeded in that... Thoroughly enjoying the classes

  7. xaverianaakashkumar@gmail.com
    5 out of 5

    Classy Learning experience.. Class apart teaching by Sir... superb teaching... just complete the DVD lectures and study Sir's material 2-3 times, one is gonna rock in the exam... sir explains so well man that it helps u to retain and recall in the exams,,, just amazing learning experience it was. Sir has made DT IDT a cake walk for us... simply a cake walk.. superb...best teacher from exam point of view... brief concise material.. superb teaching...

  8. koyandeashish@gmail.com
    5 out of 5

    Excellent lectures You made me fall in love with IDT. Conceptual clearity. I admire the way of teaching and also your after sales service.

  9. Kankaria.rishabh@gmail.com
    5 out of 5

    Don't Hesitate. I was also skeptical at first but this guy is good! We needed DTH and you got us that. Thank You. Great Classes,lots of effort.

  10. caadityarajan@gmail.com
    5 out of 5

    Thoroughly covers exam perspective I was initially skeptical about the portion coverage because faculty like Vinod Gupta sir cover the portion much ib detail. But I thought to myself that I will take a risk and carry on with Farooq Haque sir. But after writing the exam I can vouch for the fact that from exam perspective sir has covered thoroughly and by this means i was able to complete my revision a day before the exam as well write my exam well. Thank you sir

  11. sarthakohri@yahoo.co.in
    5 out of 5

    The service tax charts made it so easy to revise the subject within a short span of time, these have been very useful.

  12. rashmi2707singh@gmail.com
    3 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Excellent Lectures sir I admire your teaching style

  13. durgaprasad16101993@gmail.com
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Best lecture Sir's Teaching style is awesome it makes Student to understand complete topic.thank you so much sir

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