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How to Download Lectures ?


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  1. You need to download once and play lectures offline. You don’t have to be online while playing the lectures.
  2. Once the order is placed a downloadable link will be sent on the registered e-mail by FHC support team during working hours (10 Am to 7pm)
  3. Install download manager in your system as it allows to adjust traffic usage, organize downloads, efficiently download large files and resume broken downloads.
  1. Install WinRAR Shareware in system to UNZIP the Downloadable Content


  1. Save all the downloadable content in your D Drive or E Drive. so your content is safe at the time of Format. Create a NEW FOLDER to extract the ZIP FILE.
  2. System should have Space according to Content Size.

         If you don’t have an internet connection or Good Data Plan

  • Go to the nearby Internet Café
  • Download the FHC content from given link with the help of download manager.
  • Copy the Downloaded content in your External Device (Hard Disk, Pen drive)
  • Copy and save the FHC content from External device to internal Hard Disk of your System.

Compatible with.

  1. It will work only in Windows PC and Laptop.
  2. You can play FHC videos on Laptop or desktops having windows operating system (Windows 7, 8,8.1,10). Your computer should have following minimum configuration –

    • Processor: Dual core 2.0 GHz and Above
    • RAM: 2 GB
    • All audio and video drivers have to be installed.
    • Required internet speed 2mbps

Download FAQ’s 

How is the session timer calculated?

For each subject ‘Play Time’ will be different. FHC Video Player will auto calculate the Time Length of each video and the maximum play time allowed for the Particular Subject. Play time will be multiple of the Video Length. Time is calculated only on the Length of the video; time is not calculated if video is paused or Seek.

Ex. If Video is for 1 hour and play time is 3 so total play time will be 3 Hours.

FHC Video Player will show the Play Time consumed versus Total Available Play Time per video.

FHC video Player will record playtime in increments of 1 minute of ‘Play Time’. If Student closes the video player within the recording resolution of 1 minute, the fraction of the last one minute of Play Time will not be recorded.
When Playing in fast forward mode, FHC Video Player measures the actual
video time. So if a student played 10 minutes of video in 7 minutes, the time recorded will be 10 minutes.

When can I get the Hard copy of Notes?

Ans. You can get your hard copy of notes within 5 to 6 days(Approx.)

How can I Get the Downloadable link?

Once the order is placed a downloadable link will be sent on the registered e-mail by FHC support team during working hours (10 Am to 7pm)

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